Emma buys 3 2/3 yards of blue fabric and some yellow yellow fabric at the store she buys a total of 5 1/3 yards of fabric the equation 5 1/3 equals 3 2/3+ addition why can be used to represent a situation where why is the number of yards of yellow fabric she buys how much yellow fabric does she buy

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]x=2\dfrac{2}{3}\ yards[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Let x yards be the amount of yellow fabric Emma buys.Emma buys 3 2/3 yards of blue fabric; x yards of yellow yellow fabric; total of 5 1/3 yards of fabric.The total of blue fabric and yellow fabric is [tex]3\dfrac{2}{3}+x\ yards[/tex]The total is the same, so [tex]3\dfrac{2}{3}+x=5\dfrac{1}{3}[/tex]Solve this equation. Use addition property of equality: [tex]3\dfrac{2}{3}+x-3\dfrac{2}{3}=5\dfrac{1}{3}-2\dfrac{2}{3}\\ \\x=3\dfrac{1}{3}-\dfrac{2}{3}\\ \\x=3-\dfrac{1}{3}\\ \\x=2\dfrac{2}{3}\ yards[/tex]