gcuidcxaO LESSONS 31-33The rectangle shown below has length of 4x + 3 and a width of 5x.Find expressions of its perimeter and area.Lesson 314x + 35x​

Accepted Solution

Answer: perimeter= 2(4x+3) + 2(5x) Area= (4x+3)(5x)Step-by-step explanation:Perimeter is the sum of total length and width. Perimeter is the outside. Like a fence.A rectangle has two equal lengths and two equal widths. If the length is 4x + 3, we have two of those. (4x + 3) + (4x + 3)Which can be simplified as 2(4x+3)If the width is 5x, we have two of those.5x + 5xWhich can be simplified as 2(5x)So length + length + width + width=(4x+3) + (4x+3) + (5x) + (5x)Simplified as 2(4x+3) + 2(5x)Area is length multiplied by width. Area is the inside. Like the property inside the fence. Length: 4x + 3 Multiplied by width: 5x(4x+3) Γ— (5x)Properly written as (4x+3)(5x)