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Accepted Solution

Answer:  Choice C)  1.50 = 0.75b====================================================Explanation:The variable b is the placeholder for the original price, aka price before discount.We discount by 25% meaning we don't pay that 25% but instead pay the remaining 75%Therefore the expression 0.75*b represents the final price after the discount. We're told this price is $1.50 so that is how I'm getting the answer to be 1.50 = 0.75b----------------------------Extra info:To solve this equation for b, you would divide both sides by 0.75 to undo the multiplication that is happening.1.50 = 0.75b1.50/0.75 = 0.75b/0.75 .... dividing both sides by 0.752.00 = bb = 2.00So the original price before discount was $2.00; note how 25% of this is 0.25*2.00 = 0.50 which is the amount we save and the amount we have left is 2.00 - 0.50 = 1.50 which is the proper price after discount we want.