PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Two mechanics worked on a car. The first mechanic charged $115 per hour, and the second mechanic charged $45 per hour. The mechanics worked for a combined total of 35 hours, and together they charged a total of $2975. How long did each mechanic work?

Accepted Solution

Answer:First mechanic: 20 hoursSecond mechanic: 15 hoursStep-by-step explanation:First we create two equations where:x - hours of first mechanicy - hours of second mechanicx+y=35115x+45y=2975Then, we multiply both sides of the first equation by 45, and then subtract it from the second equation:45x+45y=1575 |115x+45y=2975-|45x+45y = 1575 70x = 1400 x=20 hoursNow we know for how many hours the first mechanic worked. Now we just need to subtract that from the combined total to find the second mechanic's hours:35-20=15 hours