Type the correct answer in the box. Use numerals instead of words. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar. The area of a circle is 78.5 square centimeters, and a subtending arc on the circle has an arc length of 6. The estimated value of is 3.14. The measure of the angle subtended by the arc is

Accepted Solution


To solve this problem you must apply the proccedure shown below:

 1. You have that the arc lengt is 6 and the area os 78,5 cm^2. Therefore, you must apply the following formula:

 Arc lenght=radius x θ 

 2. The value of the radius is:


 3. When you clear θ , you obtain:

 θ=Arc length/radius
 θ=6/5 radians

 Therefore, the answer is:6/5 radians