What is 12/5 Divided by 6/15?

Accepted Solution

What is 12/5 Divided by 6/15?MethodsBreaking down the problem:First, let’s break down each piece of the problem, as each piece is important. We have the first fraction, or the dividend, which can be divided by its numerator, 12, and its denominator, 5. We also have the first fraction, or the divisor, which can be broken down into its numerator, 6, and its denominator, 15:Numerator of the dividend: 12Denominator of the dividend: 5Numerator of the divisor: 6Denominator of the divisor: 15So, what is 12/5 divided by 6/15? Let’s work through the problem, and find the answer in both fraction and decimal forms.What is 12/5 Divided by 6/15, Step-by-stepFirst let’s set up the problem:125÷615\frac{12}{5} ÷ \frac{6}{15}512​÷156​Step 1:Interestingly, the first step to solving a division problem between two fractions is to multiply. First, you multiply the numerator of the dividend, 12, by the denominator of the divisor, 15.12 x 15 = 180Step 2:Then, multiply the denominator of the dividend, 5, by the numerator of the divisor, 6:5 x 6 = 30This will be the denominator of the answer.Step 3:Put the two answers together into one fraction, and this will be the answer to the problem in fraction form:18030\frac{180}{30}30180​ = 61\frac{6}{1}16​A fraction that has 1 as its denominator is an improper fraction. So, we should simplify this to just be 6Because 6 is a whole number, there is no reason to write the answer in decimal form. So, 12/5 divided by 6/15 = 6.Practice Other Division Problems Like This OneIf this problem was a little difficult or you want to practice your skills on another one, give it a go on any one of these too!What is 14/17 divided by 25?95 divided by what equals 89?What divided by 67 equals 73?What is 19/20 divided by 18/11?What is 88 divided by 5/1?